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September 2017

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Tuscaloosa,AL,United States

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May 16, 2015



Goal Type:

NCAA Champ

Running Accomplishments:

11.8 100m

15:14 3 mile

26:40 8k

Short-Term Running Goals:

(at least)

sub 1:55 800m

sub 4:00 1500m

sub 15:00 5000m

Long-Term Running Goals:

(will update once I have a more solid grasp on my fitness)


Presidential scholar majoring in chemical engineering @UA. When I graduate in 2021 I hope to receive the Rhodes scholarship, which amounts to me going to get my masters degree at Oxford.  


Oh, and I'm sore 24/7

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 6.00 Year: 149.00
New Balance MD500v2 Lifetime Miles: 31.70
Nike Wildhorse 2 Lifetime Miles: 206.25
Barefoot Lifetime Miles: 53.00
Pegasus 32 Gray Lifetime Miles: 823.50
Streak LT 2 White Lifetime Miles: 267.55
Lunaracer 3+ Orange Lifetime Miles: 566.65
NB Zante Lifetime Miles: 499.80
Saucony Type A6 Lifetime Miles: 192.60
Fast Lifetime Miles: 376.60
Nike Zoom Structure 18 Lifetime Miles: 557.30
Victory Elites (Cobalt) Lifetime Miles: 55.35
Nike Elite 8 (Tangerine) Lifetime Miles: 336.25
NB Zante(white) Lifetime Miles: 359.70
Nike Vomero 10 Pink Lifetime Miles: 271.25
OG Vic Lifetime Miles: 13.50
Bama Pegasus 33 Lifetime Miles: 774.00
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Total Distance

Another 70 miles this week, only difference is I only ran 6 days this week(I came down with something on Friday). Didn't really have anything respectable workout-wise. I had a good long run because I haven't done one in forever since training has been off so just hitting 12 miles in a single run is an accomplishment. I'm  in the stage right now where my legs haven't accustomed to the mileage so they're tired a lot, but in a week or so I should start seeing the benifits of high mileage

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Last week's mileage. On Sunday I did 20 miles, 15 for a long run and then an unprompted 5 during frisbee. On Tuesday I did a tempo run in 22:29 going 11:42, 10:47 on my 2 mile splits. A 10 second PR on a tempo run on a slight downhill course(this run was on a loop). The next day, I could finally feel my fitness come around, big time. One day 7:00 pace felt like 5:40 and a few days later 5:40 pace felt like 7:00! On Saturday I had a pretty tough workout of some hard 600's mixed in with some pseudo-tempo pace intervals and sprints, in some pretty windy conditions. I was tired coming in because my last two runs were both 5 min pace because I was feeling good, but the workout went well. I ran a 600m PR of 1:43(I think), and then definitely ran a 600m PR in 1:31. That repeat was in the middle of the workout, and it was a real challenge to keep going after an interval that hard, but I did it. So, I tied a PR for highest mileage in a day and ran two PR's, so a pretty good week.

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Total Distance

Another week of 80, but this time I only 6 days. Although I didn't have any workouts because time constraints were often high, I did have some really good aerobic runs. I felt really good this week, the slowest run I recorded was 6:14 pace, and there were a good 4 or so runs at 5:50 pace or faster. 

I've been thinking a good bit about mileage lately. It's always surprised me how I was able to run 80+ miles a week the summer after junior year having never done more than probably 20 mpw before, and last year when I was running 90-110 miles a week I was able to run 26's and 27's for the 8k on virtually no speed work, no tempos, just going out and running easy every day. There are people like Cam Levins, Gerry Lindgren and Jim Ryun who had drastic improvements, far surpassing what anyone thought they could do, very quickly. The method? High mileage. The price? Short-lived careers(here's to Cam having a resurgence). Most people who desire to do well in running really enjoy it, and want to do it for as long as they can. People that want to break records, turn pro, etc, they, for the most part, want to be involved in running for the rest of their lives, whether it be akin to Lagat still running pro at 42, or continuing to coach runners or do workshops, like Salazar or Hall. 

I've stated many times on this blog that, while I do enjoy bettering myself and pushing my limits, running isn't my life. I've always been top of my class while giving my attention and effort to things like running, student council, clubs, friends, etc. I like to think if I was ever inclined to give my full attention to academics, the sky really would be the limit. I've never struggled to learn something(knock on wood), I can miss days of my most advanced classes and show up and not miss a beat, and I really am excited to see what I can do in the real world and put my mind to it.

But then there's running.

Something I'm passionate about, but I've never felt like I've got what I've put in. And I've never had trouble with things like high mileage, I never really suffered any real injuries, I had to take a couple days off here and there due to a niggling injury that's never reared its head since(knock on wood again), but if you're doing 100's of miles a week on nearly exclusively concrete and asphalt, it's just about impossible to expect otherwise.

So, there's the dilemma. To boost one's career and fitness past what anyone expected, but to accomplish it you must pay the price of having to hang it up sooner because the brightest candle burns the fastest.

I love running because I love pushing myself as hard as I can to be the best that I can be. Even if that means a shorter time doing it due to burning up, I prefer it to wondering what could have been. So if going back to 100+ mile weeks means I'll do better than I ever realistically thought, at the price of only being that good for so long, I'll take it. I'll obviously be smart about this so I can actually reach that level of fitness, running on dirt roads, grass, and track, for the most part, actually doing workouts, not bumping up the mileage too quickly, and only running a couple races this season(2017-2018) to establish fitness to Coach Waters. I think the team standards of 4:05 and 15:15 for the 1500m and 5k I could reach at less mileage that I've been doing, so I'll dedicate this year to accustoming my body to this kind of workload, and hopefully have a spectacular few years before I hang up the shoes to pursue higher education at Oxford. Anyone who actually read this far, you're a real one if there ever was one and I'm glad I could have met you these past few years(not quitting the blog yet, fyi).

It's grind season!

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Either 15+ mile days or like 5 mile days this week, just an impromptu easier week before bumping up the mileage. On Sunday I had a good speed session, 6x200m w/ 100m walk, 100m jog recovery with the last 4 in 26.3-27.3, then a 300m in 40.6. The best 200m I’ve ran this season is 26.9 so I was happy, and that 300m definitely would have beaten my 40.3 PR if I hadn’t tied up so bad the last 80m from the 200’s. on Wednesday I ran three times and because I felt alright on the third run, I did a few fast mile repeats on the turf field with the last one in 4:43! That’s a 4:41 1600m so FINALLY beat that 4:46 from junior year, I thought it would never happen. That next morning I felt good so my 6 mile run was 5:59 pace. 


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