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Tuscaloosa,AL,United States

Member Since:

May 16, 2015



Goal Type:

NCAA Champ

Running Accomplishments:

11.8 100m

15:14 3 mile

26:40 8k

Short-Term Running Goals:

(at least)

sub 1:55 800m

sub 4:00 1500m

sub 15:00 5000m

Long-Term Running Goals:

(will update once I have a more solid grasp on my fitness)


Presidential scholar majoring in chemical engineering @UA. When I graduate in 2021 I hope to receive the Rhodes scholarship, which amounts to me going to get my masters degree at Oxford.  


Oh, and I'm sore 24/7

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 2.00 Month: 2.00 Year: 2689.00
New Balance MD500v2 Lifetime Miles: 31.70
Nike Wildhorse 2 Lifetime Miles: 206.25
Barefoot Lifetime Miles: 53.00
Pegasus 32 Gray Lifetime Miles: 813.50
Streak LT 2 White Lifetime Miles: 267.55
Lunaracer 3+ Orange Lifetime Miles: 566.65
NB Zante Lifetime Miles: 499.80
Saucony Type A6 Lifetime Miles: 187.60
Fast Lifetime Miles: 373.50
Nike Zoom Structure 18 Lifetime Miles: 554.30
Victory Elites (Cobalt) Lifetime Miles: 55.35
Nike Elite 8 (Tangerine) Lifetime Miles: 336.25
NB Zante(white) Lifetime Miles: 340.70
Nike Vomero 10 Pink Lifetime Miles: 258.25
OG Vic Lifetime Miles: 13.50
Bama Pegasus 33 Lifetime Miles: 699.00
Total Distance
NB Zante(white) Miles: 23.00Nike Vomero 10 Pink Miles: 38.50Fast Miles: 14.10Saucony Type A6 Miles: 23.00OG Vic Miles: 1.50
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

AM - 5

PM - 5. Had to go to the bathroom really badly but besides that I felt pretty light on my feet. Wanted to do a ten miler but I have a few big workouts these next couple of weeks.

NB Zante(white) Miles: 5.00Nike Vomero 10 Pink Miles: 5.00
Weight: 0.00
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Total Distance

AM - some easy running on the roads + 400,200,200 with 100m easy between everything. 400m was supposed to be sustainable and 200's getting something harder. 73, 28 high, 28 low. Felt tired but better after, hopefully woke up the legs for tomorrow's workout. I haven't stretched at all lately or hydrated well the past couple days so I'm gonna get on that right now.

PM - 5 miles very easy. I felt tight in a couple places so I found easy pace today and dialed it back another notch. Also did 2 easy strides. Icing right now for good measure. Tomorrow is gonna be fun running-wise, tough workout on deck.

Fast Miles: 0.70NB Zante(white) Miles: 5.00Nike Vomero 10 Pink Miles: 5.00
Weight: 0.00
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Total Distance

Workouts can go many different ways. It's much easier to have a workout go bad opposed to well, but occasionally, when the stars align you get an A+ workout. And that didn't happen today. What I got might have been an A++ workout. Today's workout took place at RCL, at 8000ft. I don't know why but when I do workouts there they usually go very well. 3 mile WU, 3 mile tempo/time trial in, get this, 15:14(5:02, 5:13, 5:00). Finished up with 3x1000m in 2:48, 2:44, 2:56, hitting the last 800 on the first two in 2:09 and 2:07, and easing up for the last one. Wanted to do a mile after to top off the workout, but I was starting to hurt(starting..) so I called it there. I think I can live with it. Man this one hurt. Very happy with it. One of the runs where it's just you out there loving running, haven't had enough of those lately. Went out with the mindset that I wanted to go hard enough that my next run or two could be 10 minute miles and I'd find it understandable. Iced after in the creek which was colder than anything I could have imagined and it hurt just as bad as the workout. The craziest part, in my opinion, was that my heart rate never got above 142! It was pretty chilly up there though so maybe that should be held accountable.

Saucony Type A6 Miles: 15.00Fast Miles: 5.00
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

AM - 6. Quads and hamstrings feel pretty thrashed but it was to be expected.

PM - some jogging to loosen up then 8x100m. First 4 in trainers, last 4 in spikes. First 3 were low 13's or high 12's, last 5 were 12.4(in trainers!), 12.2, 12.1, 12.2, 11.8. My 100m PR coming into this was 12.6, so I obliterated that. I think my 200m PR of 25.4 is going to be smashed real soon. Good stuff, all of the 100's I felt like I could have held for a while more.

Fast Miles: 0.50Nike Vomero 10 Pink Miles: 9.00OG Vic Miles: 1.00
Weight: 0.00
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Total Distance

I keep thinking "with the previous day I should be completely dead" and every day I'm stunned. Maybe the legs are finally adapting to the ~80 mile weeks! 6 easy miles that felt very nice + 4 easy 200 strides. Went 36, 34, 34, and 29, which I didn't expect at all because it felt like a 33 in terms of effort. By far the easiest sub 30 200m I've ran.

PM - 4 easy with a couple light strides.

Fast Miles: 0.70Nike Vomero 10 Pink Miles: 10.00
Weight: 0.00
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Total Distance

AM - 20x400m jogging the bend as recovery. Started off with 77's and 78's and worked it down to 72's and 73's, so nothing too hard, just a good aerobic effort. Took a two lap recovery after number 10. After 16 I realized people were probably going to be on the track soon so I decided to do 18 instead and try to crank the last 2 in spikes. Did 59 low and 59 high, and MAN it hurt! The lactic acid really started to pile up around #12, but I'm happy with that because it gives me practice for powering through when I'm getting tired and tightening up. Drove home and cooled down the long way to the canal and iced(I'm still in the creek while I type this).

PM - glad I did so much of the daily mileage this morning because I woke up at 9PM(work starts at 10) and 2 miles was all I had time for. I just woke up and immediately found some shorts and shoes and took off so I had a lot of stiffness to work out that first half mile or so.

Saucony Type A6 Miles: 8.00Fast Miles: 5.00NB Zante(white) Miles: 2.00Nike Vomero 10 Pink Miles: 4.50OG Vic Miles: 0.50
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

AM - the usual easy stuff. For some reason it felt eerie out at 2AM so I kept the pace a bit brisk, pretty close to 6 flat.

I offered to help with Kenny and his workout, and to my abhorrent disdain he said he wanted to do the workout in the AM. But, I came out nonetheless. He was doing a similar workout to mine yesterday, so I ran across the field to give him splits, and ran his recoveries with him too. Running across the field I was going pretty quit, and I racked up a lot more mileage than I was planning on today. Luckily it was almost exclusively on track and turf. I also ran the last 2 of Kenny's repeats(the quick ones). I ran in lane 2 the entire time and that one was a 73 so I don't know what it really was. Second one I took Kenny through the 300 in 60 and let him kick. He had a pretty good one. Hot out. Gotta hydrate well because I lost some fluids today. Already burned 3200 calories today and it isn't even 11 AM yet.

Overall an amazing week with 3 new PR's, also my first week finally hitting full mileage(not injured or anything, just lazy). Super excited to keep training like this and get in really good shape!

Fast Miles: 2.20NB Zante(white) Miles: 11.00Nike Vomero 10 Pink Miles: 5.00
Weight: 0.00
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Total Distance
NB Zante(white) Miles: 23.00Nike Vomero 10 Pink Miles: 38.50Fast Miles: 14.10Saucony Type A6 Miles: 23.00OG Vic Miles: 1.50
Weight: 0.00
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